Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yes, we are THAT couple...

  • So, Sass made shirts for St Patrick's day, because she was tired of bitching about al the godawful clothes people had out. She made me one that says, with a hand poitning down, "kss this, its irish too". Hers has a kiss mark and says "keep calm and kiss me". Very cute shirts, on the whole. Both green, of course, for the holiday. 
    In typical fashion, when I got home from work, we went out to Lar's. There we were, admist the usual crowd of lovable crazies like ourselves and amusing noobs, dancing the night away, when it hit us. 
    Sass: "OMG!!! We are THAT couple!!!! The ones who dress alike and make me nauseous with all their cuteness and lovey dovey ******** and just...UGH!!!!"
    Me: "Yes, we are tHAT couple...but we make THAT couple look sexy as hell..."
    That got a big heartfelt agreeing laugh from her, and very soon after, a "Home,"
    Happy St Patrick's Day!!

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