Sunday, March 29, 2015


  • To have someone give you control of their bodies and minds,
    to be entrusted with the responsibility to take care of them,
    to have someone willing to suffer for you,
    to forsake pride and dignity to please you...
    what other gift in this world can possibility equate to that?
    And more importantly, what makes you worthy to receive it? -- Anonymous

    One of my favorite quotes about the D/s lifestyle - and one that not many people seem to understand. Sass and I were out at Lars recently, and had a bit of an altercation with someone there. Not really an altercation, persay, interruption. Said girl decided she wanted some attention, so she requested a very pointed, rather insulting song for Sass. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt, and question her motives. The ensuing conversation turned out to be rather interesting. Names have been removed to protect the..well, not exactly innocent...judge for yourself: 

    D: Mr Sir .. I have a song being played for your girl
    Kush: sweet!
    Kush: Hmm...the purpose of the song, if you don't mind?
    D: i'm naughty in all manners
    Kush: Ok..noted..the poijt of dedicating it to my girl?
    D: iyes shes your girl .... uts about a girl complete sumbmission to her master or dom
    Kush: Its quite the interesting song.
    Kush: When its about her...not sure I'd refer to her evee aI s a pet...but...
    D: its about obedience
    Kush: I don't require obedience...I offer
    Kush: I demand respect and offer it in turn
    Kush: this song...doesn't evoke respect
    Kush: blind obedience is for mindless *puppy girls* who can't think for themselves..not my style or my interest
    D: all doms should ...
    Kush: Not this one. I don't demand obedience - I EARN devotion
    D: i see
    Kush: All Doms SHOULD
    Kush: if someone is telling you different, you need to study up, pup...
    D: i have brought a few " wanna be" Daddy Doms to there knees
    D: I am far from a pup
    D: so what kind of dom are you ?
    Kush: Then you should know better than to think blind obedience is what any Dom worth his weight wants.
    Kush: The kind with a brain
    D: then what is your idea of submission?
    Kush: Being inspired and influenced to give all of yourself to someone who earns your trust, your respect, and your devotion.
    D: submission is a choice by the submissive that is earned through trust and respect it can not be inspired or influenced but given freely by the submissives choice
    Kush: How di you figure it can't be inspired or influenced? The sub chooses without any influence? Earning trust and respect IS influencing that decision.
    D: to use the terms of inspire or influence, leads to cohersion and I have never had to coherce anyone all I simply have to do is speak and they decide of thier own free will there is ni inspire or influence or cohersion
    Kush: That's your interpretation. The mere act of showing someone you can be trusted - to most - is inspiring and influential -if only in its rarity.
    D: indeed , can i ask how old you are ?
    D: how long you been in the life style ?
    Kush: 40, and 15 years
    D: wow not to far from me , I live with a Dom .. we are friends only
    D: i'm 42 been dabbling in it since about I was about 22
    D: i was introduced to it via on line AOL Gorean Rp
    Kush: I see
    D: to scared for a long time to get into rl . till recently
    D: from the truth of a sub .... online vs rl is a big eye opener
    Kush: that it is
    D: oh if i am boring you i will stop
    Kush: Not bored, just focusing on my priority.
    D: understandable
    Kush: /me smiles and nods

    Her attitude changed dramatically toward the end of that conversation, didn't it? Gotta love the puppies...Comments are welcome and encouraged!

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