Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Beginnings

  • Just a quick entry to get some thoughts off my mind. No pictures in this one, as I've not taken them yet, but I will post some soon. 
    Recently someone from my not so distant past resurfaced and needed a shoulder to whine on - one which I had committed to providing when I walked from the sitaution. Some people - namely all the women in my life - seem to think that this was a boneheaded move on my part and I should've just cut this person off cold turkey, no friendship, no compassion, as none was really offered to me - but at the same token, these women also know that its not in my makeup any more than it would be in theirs to be that cold toward someone they care(d) about. At any rate - it worked out ok. Sarah got a little...upset, maybe...bothered, more like..troubled, my still being in contact with said ex. I can understand that, completely. I have my moments of being a little tcked off and jealous when she trills over some guy she dated or gets upset because someone she once wanted something more with is dating someone new or ignoring her, or says she doesn't think of someone as a relative kinda way because of how hot they are. Yes, I get jealous. Yes, I have a tendency to get a little pissy about it. Its who I am, and I'm working on lessening those responses. 
    Anyways...bringing me to the point of this blog - new beginnings. Its been just over 5 weeks now that Sarah and I have been together, and its been completely amazing. There are the occassional speed bumps and growing pains, but we work through them rather well. This latest one, about the past, prompted me to want to make some changes. 
    Some people, I'm sure, can relate to the act of moving to new land, getting a new house, or even just getting a new bed with you enter into a new relationship in SL. All of which weve done. Some can also relate to the desire to change your look up. To let go of your past and be a *new version* of yourself - someone you've nevver been with anyone else. Be it a new hairstyle, a different look, or an all out new skin and shape (through the magic of SL this can all be yours for the low low price of around L$10,000!!!). This is what I did. 
    I started out slow...with some facial hair that Sarah mentioned she found sexy. That prompted me to grab a demo shape, and I really liked the way the legs looked, so I spent the time to transfer all my numbers and make it Kush v 1.5. Today I went to some of the menstuff fairs out and around the grid, and found some stuff that I really liked. This prompted me to go skin shopping, and, yes. A new skin, completely new, changed up the look I've had for nearly 2 years now rather drastically, in fact. But it still feels like ME - just ME v 2.0, LOL. 
    The best part? Not only do *I* feel like a new man, but I get to offer this fresh start to Sarah, so that she has something tangibly different of me all to herself. Some pieces of me that no one else has ever had. She's shared so much of herself with me, this is the least I can do for her. I just hope she likes the finished product after the initial shock wears off, LOL. We shall see! New pics coming soon, I'm sure! 
     A song for my beautiful girl:

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