Sunday, March 29, 2015


  • Sass and I have been together for 2 months as of tomorrow. That, in my book, is a touchstone. SL relationships - in my experience - rarely if ever make it past 2 months, they fall apart somewhere around week 5 and just go downhill from there. The next 3 weeks are each party alting around and looking for a reason to leave - usually another person. Not that this has been *my* experience, mind. More what I've witnessed. My longest SL relationship was just over a year...of course it was 3 months on, 4 months off, 3 months on, 3 months off, then off for good, so yeah..not the best example. 
    Anyways, my point is...reaching that 2 month touchstone, and being in as wonderful a place as she and I are currently, is extremely gratifying, and worth celebrating. I see how much we've both grown, and grown into this relationship we've started, nurturing it and one another, and it impresses me more and more every day. SHE impresses me more and more every day. Two months...feels like I've known her my whole life, like I can't remember a day without her. We've not had a day apart since we met, and we've not gotten sick of each other yet, LOL. I know I can get grumy and grounchy and irritable as an old bear sometimes, but she has a way of bringing me out of that quicker than anything. And she gets snippy and crabby sometimes, but I always seem to be able to put a smile on her face. 
    Sass's bff was visting her last night, and she made her an avi so she could come in world and hang out with us. We all were on group voice and dancicng at Lar's for hours. The girls wer enjoying their wine and going into gigglefits, and I was loving every second of the interactions. It was, somehow, more *real*, if that makes any sense considering we were in a virtual world. I mean, it was cool to meet her rl bff and get some insight from her as well. 
    So hard as it is sometimes to not look ahead and see what you WANT to happen in the not too distant future, and lament the fact that you can't have it NOW...I'm extremely happy with where we are right in this moment. Things are brilliant. Sass is amazing. Ive never been happier in any relationship in my life. We are on the right path, and walking it hand in hand. 
    Below, a few snapshots from last night. I couldn't resist, lol. When you have a sight that sexy in front of you, you want to remember it. Plus, it was a nice reminder of a moment that was more *real* than *virtual* between us. It was a good night :) 

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