Sunday, March 29, 2015

A sense of urgency...

Leave it to me to focus on the one mildly negative part of my SL these days, lol. Not even negative, just...on my mind. I woke up this morning from a long night of weird dreams. In them, I was trying desperately to get something to one point ot was to keep her on the road in a snowstorm...another it was some sort of scaffolding (my f&*%ed up, I'ld admit)..but all the different scenarios involved some sort of stability or safety. I awoke with a sense of urgency left over, and its stuck with me all day. Its strange, and while I suspect I know what caused it, I can't seem to override it. Anyways..I thought blogging about our advntures so far might be a good way to get my mind off of it! 

Let's see..since my first post..Sarah and I have ben spending every spare minute together on SL, which has been...amazing. I won't get all gushy and mushy. Suffice it to say, I can't ever remember being happier, or feeling more loved. We got a small plot of land to spread out a bit on, and have discovered a mutual love of shopping and decorating. Its wonderful to share that with someone. Its always just been me doing the decorating. Its pretty amazing seeing our home take shape and be reflective of BOTH of our tastes and personalities. Plus, she's so freaking talented that she just astounds me with her choices, and I keep sneaking more of her art into the house :D She's so cute when she gets all blushy...

Of course, our mutually expansive natures and need to nest tend to make for a very high prim we might be moving again soon, LOL. She's going to hate that we have to redo everything, but I'll make it up to her. Besides, we both love doing it. 

We've been slowly doing the BURIED hunt from MadPeas...and its driving us both insane - but in a mildly enjoyable way :D I'll write another post about the family sitaution later..not quite formulated on that one yet :) 
We spent a good deal of time a couple weeks ago taking pictures...haven't taken the time to edit many yet, but I will - I swear! 

Oh! I amost forgot! Sarah drug my *** outta bed one morning last week - still in PJs - for an early morning ASN party. I have some pictures from that, albeit blurry eyed and unedited. 
That was a great avi :D There was supposed to be flashmobbing as homeless people later that night, but apparenlty it didn't happen. Oh well :D Looking forward to the next event!
There is a holiday coming up soon...I'm sure I will be blogging something about that over the weekend :) 
One other thing..since I insist on being as "real" as possible in SL...Sarah convinced me to lighten the look a off came the tattoos..and the hair went back to something a little more calm and normal...I like it actually. The lack of tattoos is...very freeing. Feels like a fresh start, and I needed one. 

Ok, I'm done rambling...for now :) 

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