Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our Power Exchange

"When a man truly loves a woman, she becomes his weakness. 
When a woman truly loves a man, he becomes her strength. 
This is called an exchange of power." -- unknown

"In a sense, you will find that it does not matter what stance you 
take in bondage and discipline games. Either role 
done well transcends into the other, and to be 
done well both require trust." -- Lady Ravinia

"A switch is someone who participates in BDSM activities
sometimes as a top and other times as a bottom 
or (in the case of dominance and submission)
sometimes as a dominant and other times
as a submissive." -- Wiki

Now that we've gotten the education out of the way, we can get down to the point :) 

Today I woke up to the most touching and beautiful reminder of exactly why I love Angela (and the amazing woman behind her). One month ago, I asked her to be Mine, and she accepted. With her permission, I'm sharing the chat log (edited a bit for privacy and brevity) from that evening. 

Kush: grins and looks into your eyes, taking a deep steadying breath and brushing your 
hair back from your shouldersfingertips caressing your neck
Angela: lashes flutter, her face serene with sweet affection, hugging tightly to you, 
making up for lost time one sync'd heartbeat at a time.
Kush: "Its been a pretty perfect day, imho...and a very happy one, shopping for stuff 
to build OUR secondlife with
Kush: Would you agree, babygirl?
Angela: Any day where I am at your side, is a perfect day. Any day where I get the 
tiniest moment of your affection, is a perfect day.  Any day where there is a fleeting 
thought of me in your mind, is a perfect day.
Kush: whimpers, so touched by your words, crushing my hips to yours and your body to 
Kush: brushes my fingertips over your face, looking into your eyes "You had a moment 
of..insecurity, maybe? Not sure what that was alice...can you elaborate on 
what as bothering you, baby?"
Angela: oh the collar comment - it was a little embarrassment for jumping that gun - 
and feeling like the typical over eager swept away senseless girl.
Kush: tips your chin up to look into your eyes "Was that disappointment?"
Angela: blushes and tries to keep her gaze steady. "Um.... yes and no.  I mean I know 
in time all will be as it should be.  I just don't like to crack the cool, calm 
collected unflappable veneer."
Angela: even though I know you can see straight thru me
Kush: smirks
Kush: looks into your eyes, and pushes a button I've been holding onto all 
day...sitting back, and waiting...
Angela: "omg yes yes yes a million and a half times yes and of course!"
Angela:leaps and topples you to the blanket
Kush:beams and wraps you sooo tight
Kush: rolls with you onto our sides, kissing you tenderly
Angela: kisses you so hard, stealing your breath with the intensity of her kisses, 
pulling you hard to her, "Omg you wicked wicked thing!" and laughs heartily wrapping 
her whole body around you
Angela: turns pink and tears a bit and hugs onto you hard.
Kush: looks into your eyes "I decided to risk coming off as rushing...because..I'm not 
*getting* to know you...Ive known you...I've been in love with you for years..and I've 
wanted you for years."
Kush: This isn't a "convenience" thing...this asking you to be MINE. 100% 
Angela: chuckles and laughs, blinking a sparkling tear rolling down her face, "I am 
yours, 100%.  You are my purpose and my everything and I couldn't be more lucky and 
flattered and elated."
Kush: I want you, Ang. I need you. I choose you. I will always choose you. You have 
been my #1 - my absolute ideal - since the day I met you. In any and every life, I am 
Kush: crushes my mouth to yours, tears filling my eyes (happy ones)
Kush: I love you, Ang
Angela: Oh I love you tooo!
Angela: hugs so tightly to you, "I love so much and have from the first moment."
Kush: beams and can't stop kissing you
Angela: sniffles and laughs and locks her limbs around you
Angela: pops open the little box, "Omg, this is GORGEOUS"
Angela: hugs you hard, "Omg you sweet, just.... you take my breath away."
Kush: I may have intended to do this a little later, but today was just so perfect, 
and It felt right. But I wasn't going to let you go to fL without knowing how 
I felt..what I wanted, and that I'd be right here waiting when you got back
Kush: fastens your collar, locking it on and plants a tender kiss at the base of your 
Kush: looks into your eyes, softly growling "Mine"
Angela: beams affectionately, and hugs you tightly, "Oh you wonderful wonderful love 
of mine.  I know you're mine but this just... oh this is just so perfect."
Kush: just can't stop smiling..." is beyond are YOU..."
Angela: blushes, "we are perfect for each other."

Our relationship has been elaborated on in previous posts, by both of us, so I won't recount the bliss of it here. What I will talk of is our power exchange.

Ang and I are both switches, and quite comfortable in either role, depending on our partners' needs and desires. She leans a little more naturally toward submissive, at least with men, and I lean more naturally towards Dominant, with anyone. Anyone who is familiar with D/s should have at least a basic understanding of this concept. If you don't, follow the Wiki link above and study up!

The absolute beauty of our connection is in its dynamic nature. We are extremely compatible, as our zodiac signs would confirm:

"Virgo is ruled by Mercury and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. 

When Mercury and Neptune come together a beautiful 
spiritual connection is made. Together, they represent 
an idealistic partnership. Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter. 
This adds a yang energy to the combination and represents 
philosophy, expansion and excesses. This trio brings 
excellent communication, empathy, imagination 
and creativity to the relationship." --

Beyond that, we just WORK. We FLOW. We shouldn' all rights...we are two hot-tempered switches with self esteem and control issues and perfectionist tendencies. But we DO. We work beautifully, wonderfully, perfectly. We flow around each other like water, lapping at each others edges and curves, slowly smoothing away the rough edges and fitting together naturally. We adjust to one anothers' moods smoothly and easily, giving and taking in equal measure, keeping each other balanced and stable.

This balance works as well between us in everyday interaction as it does in D/s. When she is having a bad day, I am there to hold and comfort, commiserate, listen, distract, whatever is needed. When I'm having a bad day, she is there with open arms, being the strong one, letting me fall apart for a bit and helping piece me back together better than before.

I'm no stranger to being the strong one, the Daddy, the Dominant one in the relationship, the rock. Its a comfortable, natural role for me, and one I take to like a duck to water. I have been told that I'm good at reading people, at knowing what they need and what is the best thing for them in any given situation or mood. I agree with that, for the most part - I'm not without my faults and foibles.

What IS new to me, however, is what Ang offers. She asks what *I* need. She tries to be there for me. She asks what *I* want, not just expects me to make decisions all the time for both of us. She accepts that I have moments of weakness and need, without letting it color her view of me negatively, or lessen her respect for me. She sees me, she accepts me, everything about me, openly, completely, and without question, doubt, or hesitation. I do the same for her.

I say this is new to me, but its not. Its new in a relationship like this, as I've never known it as such. It is not wholly new, however. There is a reason she has always been in my sights, always been my ideal. Ang has always offered this. She is the most beautiful, strongest, most capable woman I've ever known, in every possible way. What she sees as her flaws only make her more beautiful. When her veneer cracks, she lets me glimpse the vulnerable girl inside, the dark & twisty insecure, oftentimes angry and resentful, little girl inside...she opens up to me, and that girl comes out and crawls into my lap, lays against my chest, and lets me comfort and soothe her - lets herself be seen, and heard, and loved. And that gift - is impossibly precious and beautiful. Its a treasure without comparison, and it makes me feel so amazing and so valued and needed and loved and STRONG. Her weaknesses - those things she considers such - make me strong when she shares them with me. That act of sharing makes US stronger.

This exchange is a two way street. Because she shares everything with me, because she submits and opens up and allows herself to be vulnerable in front of makes me strong enough to do the same. For the first time in my life - in ANY life - I can freely and lovingly open myself to her. Submit to her. Show her all of me, offer her all of me, every piece of me is Hers, just as every piece of her is Mine.

Because of this energy and power flow, because we fit so beautifully, it makes collaborating on things so much easier. I got inspired by a Hozier song, "Angel of small death and the codeine scene", because it embodied - for me - the nature of the flip side of our D/s connection. I mentioned it to Ang, and suggested doing a photoshoot with the lyrics as our inspiration. The next morning, I wake up to a very excited kitten who had gone through MP and found the perfect poses to illustrate a pictorial using the lyrics to that song. We were able to put our heads - and hearts - together, and each chose a pose for every stanza in the song, and together worked out the staging and sets and costuming and such. It was a true collaboration. There was no sense of competition or anything of the sort. We collaborated and cooperated, in every sense of the word. The results...were beautiful...just like our connection. But don't take my word for it - see for yourself! 

The inspiration:

HOZIER - Angel of small death and the codeine scene

And, because its a blog, the style cards:

Our Power Exchange blog style card

Pool Table - Tartessos Arts
Darius Couch - Zerkalo
Eugenie's Armchair - Zerkalo
DIY Hanging Lights Grunge - Apt B
Flea Market Finds Old Window frames - Second Spaces
Cluttered House Pile of board games - Second Spaces
The halfbreed beer bucket - tight.
Periodic Table by Cheeky Pea
Spool Furniture Set by [kunst]
Nerd Art by floorplan
Wannabe boho floor cusion by junk.
build: Designer Prims Lil Skybox

Middle Earth set by Come Soon
Log from Back to Nature by Bounce This Poses

My Mistress set by Come Soon
build: Designer Prims Lil Skybox
Oiseau es Chandelles by Cheeky Pea
Persephone Day Lounger by Cheeky Pea
The New Royals set by Fetch
Bondage Ropes by NBN
Frames: TA 212 Wall Art

Outfits (Kush):
#TheMeshProject Deluxe Body
Shape: my own
Eyes: {LOBA} Real Eyes Infinity
Bram by Damselfly - dark brown (long)
EMO-tions Lestat - Dark Brown (pony)
Open Jeans by Invictus
TMP Speedo no1 by Dufaux
Skin & Tatts: 
Judas T2 by 7 Deadly s{k}ins
Body hair for #TMP Shade #15 by L&E
[TS] Goatee - brown
aberrant// Hickey (neck)
**JOMO** etched hair 08b
+H+ Half-Deer - Fly Away Tattoo
Tattoo: Timeless Sleeve Tattoo by Pimp My Shit
Hickies by Ama
::envi:: Ailin Ear Piercings
:Hebenon vial: MALE MOD: Against the Stream [Decay] piercings
[Tethered] Ring/Leash Holder - Eternity Diamond Ring
Eyebrow piercing double left by Unorthadox
PBM Genetics Pierced Nipples
PBM Men's Harness
Ball Gag by real Restraint 
Bright Cuffs by AnimAlive
DAX Harness Gag
Blindfold by Come Soon
Collar Sasha padlock by Salt & Pepper
Silver Cross men's earring by Celtic Myst
Tree of life relic ring by Celtic Myst

Outfits (Ang):
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara with Long Dark Red Nails
Shape: Mine
Eyes: {LOBA} - Real Eyes Infinity - Blue
Skin: Glam Affair - Amberly - Jamaica 07 BL
Tattoo: White Widow - Midnight in Paris
*BC Designs* Free Mesh Eyelashes (set 1 and 2 worn together)
Dazed - Majestic Eyeshadow - Obsidian
enVouge - Alice - Light Blondes (updo)
Truth Hair - Bronwyn - Light Blondes (long)
DeVicious - Out of Your League - Red Leather (Special Edition Colors)
Maitreya - Thigh High Boots - Liquorice Leather
Sassy - Gramercy Leather Corset - Black
DuckNipple - Ani Hotpants
Dollle - 080 Unbuttoned Loose Shirt - Purple
JCNY - Saryh - Hyper-Gems - Diamond Nose Piercing
Lip Piercing: Punch - Level I
~Raven Parnas~ Sterling Silver Large Hoop Earrings

1 - Pose: You're Going Nowhere - RACK w/acc.
2 - My Mistress by Come Soon Poses
3 - Heels by RACK
4 - His Guardian by Something Erotic
5 - You can look but you can't touch by RACK
6 - Your arms around me by [DB]poses
7 - Under her thumb by Double Take
8 - Boy Toy by RACK
9 - Come Close by RoLu poses
10 - Dominize Me by Something Erotic
11 - Embody by Shea-La-Vie
12 - Je te aime by Something Erotic
13 - feline by Zipi
14 - Mine #05 by The Domina
15 - Back to Nature by Bounce This Poses
16 - Primal by Infinity Poses
17 - Come to me by Awear
18 - Under Pressure by Double Take
19 - Thrall Three by oOo Studio
20 - Conquer by Thrust

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