Wednesday, May 13, 2015

.Sass. - Sass's New In-World Store - shameless promotion ahead!!

So Sass opened her first actual in-world shop - on the CLEAVAGE sim. Its called .Sass. She got a PRIME location, right between Forever Young and F'n'Hawt. She spent the past few days getting it set up, and now she is all open and ready for shoppers with deep pockets!! Below are some pics from the shop. Out the front door are some steps off to the right - that is the Lubbly Jubblies area - like I said, prime location!! She even has a dollarbie / group gift out on the reception desk. You can click below it to join her new group as well and get updates on new products. She is hard at work on a new line of dresses for summer as I type! Go check it out!!

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