Wednesday, May 27, 2015


So one of my oldest and best friends in SL - and RL, for that matter, Angela Mulgrave, has returned to SL on a (hopefully) long term basis. As I've already written a lot about her, I'll copy what I have in my profile:

Ang - the little lost kitten came back home to SL after way too long away. Not exactly a stray, not exactly a pampered pet - she falls somewhere in between - moods and personalities ranging from the sweet playful kitten batting a feather around, to the fierce mama lion chasing off the grizzly bear hurting her friends. Welcome back, sweety! Love you!!

Ang has become a very dear and trusted friend to Sass, and is often out and about dancing the night away with us - teaming up with Sass to pick on me, or critiquing the fashion choices of everyone in whatever club we happen to find ourselves in.

Ang, in addition to being sweet, sexy, and a wonderful friend - is wickedly intelligent, and a wonderful writer. She's also bored. So she is combining her love of fashion with her wit and intellect to guest blog on my blog for awhile, while she gets her feet wet. For now, I'm editing her pics, but the rest of her posts is ALL Ang :) Here is the intro from the kitten's own mouth:

Kitty Korner Bio: Angela Mulgrave has been the consummate consumer since her birth into SecondLife over 8 years ago.  Her style is eclectic: classic and classy, skimpy and sexy, nekochic, sci-fi slutty, and pretty, pretty princess-wear.  She loves shopping for clothes, shoes, hair, accessories and even kitschy home goods.  You will find her at weekly sales, doing hunts, browsing fairs, and dancing at SL hot spots.

Below, a few pics of us to get you all acquainted:

Be nice to the sweet little kitten - or else. Those claws come out at the drop of a hat!!

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