Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fashion (Un)Fairs in SL

Ok, so I know that shopping in SL is hit or miss for men. Decent creators of clothing for men tend to be few and far between. This is, I'm sure, partly market driven - there are far too many men on SL who are perfectly content to have one or two outfits - or pairs of pants as it were - and never change. This, frankly, makes me shudder, but whatever. Women are the shoppers in SL, by and large. I suppose I'm an exception. I LOVE to shop. I love to see what new styles creators come up with.

I will admit that men's fashions in SL have gotten MUCH better since the advent of MESH clothing. With that, though, the clothing for men's mesh bodies (currently really only TMP with any degree of applicability, though more are coming!!!) is sadly, woefully, lacking. While most men's pants will fit the TMP body - in a manner of speaking - shirts are VERY difficult to get to fit. The neck muscles and shoulders and overall shape of the body just...doesn't work. I could get appliers - if anyone made any that were halfway decent. Crappy designs, awful tetures, and they still break over the bends and dips of the 3D mesh bodies. Yes, I am bugging my amazingly talented designer girlfriend to make appliers for TMP, and she is getting there. Keep an eye on her blog and Marketplace Shop .Sass. for that!!

I did discover several blogs (Seraphim) and (SL Men) for example, that highlight mens' fashion and related events/fairs in SL. I was able to check them out, and found many new favorite designers. I also discovered a woeful lack of male fashion bloggers in SL. So, I thought I'd try my hand with a few example posts. The next few blogs will be showcasing bits and pieces I bought at the various fairs and events this past month. Any critique and comments are most welcome!

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